AstroBox™ Gateway Raspberry Pi 4 Kit

AstroBox™ Gateway Raspberry Pi 4 Kit

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What is the AstroBox Gateway?

  • The AstroBox Gateway plugs into your existing 3D printer¹ making it WiFi enabled and cloud connected.

  • With an AstroBox Gateway, you can manage your 3D Printer from your phone, tablet or any web-enabled device on your local network.

  • By pairing your AstroBox Gateway with the cloud, you'll be able to manage your 3D Printer from anywhere around the world, including real time video monitoring. 

AstroBox Gateway Features:

  • Remote monitoring of your prints²

  • Ability to slice designs on the cloud

  • Wireless Management of your 3D Printer (No pesky cables!)

  • No more SD cards to load STL files

  • Simple, Clean, Intuitive Interface

  • Mobile friendly and works on any web enabled device or using the AstroPrint Mobile App

  • No need for a laptop/computer to be connected to your printer

  • Automatic updates

What is included with the Raspberry Pi 4 AstroBox™ Gateway Kit?

  1. Raspberry Pi 4 Model B/1GB

  2. WiFi dongle

  3. Pre-flashed 16GB microSD Card with AstroBox Software

  4. Power Supply for the Pi 4

  5. Case for the Pi 4

1.) AstroPrint is compatible with standard Marlin & Sailfish firmware based printers. If your printer runs on proprietary firmware or heavily modified Marlin/Sailfish firmware, it's unlikely that it would work with AstroPrint. Also, please check out our printer compatibility page before your purchase a kit. 

2.) For remote monitoring, you will need a linux compatible USB Camera (not included when you purchase an AstroBox Kit). We recommend the Logitech C920.