AstroBox Touch Software

AstroBox Touch Software

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Note:  If you are purchasing this software, we hope you already have everything else you need to run it!  You can also get one of the DIY kits, or better yet a pre-assembled AstroBox Touch.  :-)

What's Included (delivered via email after purchase):

  • AstroBox Touch Software (Download Link).
  • AstroBox Touch Software License File.  Once this file is added to your SD card's ABT flashed software image, the software will become 'activated'.

 The other stuff you'll need (NOT INCLUDED):

  • SD card (min 8GB) (You will need to flash the software image on the SD card!  I hope you know how to do that!).
  • Raspberry Pi 3 B, B+ or 4
  • Power Supply (5v 2.5A or 3A).
  • Compatible Touchscreen.
  • Case/Enclosure.

For more information about Hardware compatibility for this software, click here.