AstroBox™ Gateway Pre-flashed 8GB microSD Card

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You will receive a microSD card with the latest AstroBox Gateway software.

If you already purchased supplies to build your own RPi AstroBox Gateway but are having trouble with the flashing process, we made this just for you!

When you receive the microSD card, simply plug it into your Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 and power it on.  

Be sure to follow this guide starting at Step #4 to complete the setup process.

You also have the option of purchasing a complete AstroBox Gateway Kit (which includes the pre-flashed microSD card) from our store. 

The AstroBox Gateway allows you to:

  • Connect to the AstroPrint ecosystem - which includes the AstroPrint Cloud, Developer API, Desktop App(s), and Mobile App(s)
  • Wirelessly control your 3D Printer without needing to use SD Cards
Compatible with all printers running standard Marlin, Repetier, & Sailfish firmware

    The AstroBox Gateway connects your 3D Printer to a mobile app, desktop app, developer API’s and the AstroPrint Cloud.