AstroBox Touch - Software + 8GB SD Card ONLY

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Note:  If you are getting this, we hope you already have everything else you need!  If you aren't sure what you need, please just get one of the DIY kits, or better yet a pre-assembled AstroBox Touch.  :-)

What's Included:

  • 8GB SD card (with AstroBox Touch Software pre-loaded)
  • AstroBox Touch Software License (a $30 value)

 The other stuff you'll need (NOT INCLUDED):

  • Raspberry Pi 3 + power supply (preferably 2.5A or 3A)
  • Compatible Touchscreen [Either A) Waveshare 3.5", LCD (B), 320x480, IPS, or B) Waveshare 5", 800x480, HDMI LCD].  Note:  We DO NOT support other screens!
  • Case/Enclosure