AstroBox Touch Upgrade Kit (3.5" screen, case, software)

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The AstroBox Touch is a simple, powerful touchscreen that is wireless and cloud connected.

Note:  This kit does NOT include a Raspberry Pi or power supply.  This kit is for people that want to upgrade their Pi to be a full fledged AstroBox Touch (ABT).

The AstroBox Touch at a glance: 

  • Beautiful 3.5" touchscreen (480 x 320 pixels)
  • Connected to the AstroPrint ecosystem - which includes the AstroPrint Cloud, Developer API, Desktop App(s), and Mobile App(s)
  • Runs AstroBox Touch Software.  Easy and intuitive to use – Just plug it into your printer and it's ready to go! 
  • Simple, gorgeous user interface built with simplicity in mind
  • Wirelessly control your 3D Printer without needing to use SD Cards
  • Developer friendly 
  • Compatible with all printers running standard Marlin, Repetier, & Sailfish firmware

The AstroBox Touch connects your 3D Printer to a mobile app, desktop app, developer API’s and the AstroPrint Cloud.

More videos and setup:

What the kit does include:

  • 3.5" Resistive touch screen (Waveshare LCD (B), 320x480, IPS)
  • Gorgeous Case / Enclosure
  • 8GB microSD card (with AstroBox Touch Software pre-loaded)
  • AstroBox Touch Software License (a $39 value)

What is NOT INCLUDED, but you will need:

  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Power Supply (5V 2.5A or 3A is ideal)